About The Coming Post-Christian Tsunami

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“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” – Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz

Most of us know just how Dorothy feels!  A casual glance through the news will confirm that a major cultural metamorphosis is underway.  The postmodern cultural shift which began in the 1950s has given way to Post-Christianity.  Whereas the postmodern mindset led to cynicism, Post-Christianity is producing both apathy and hostility toward churches.  Among its casualties is a sizable demographic of religiously unaffiliated and “de-churched” individuals that reject the Church, considered the face of institutionalized Christianity.

The looming changes will be utterly devastating for churches that ignore the problem.  But as with any challenge, there are also marvelous opportunities for those prepared to engage and adapt.  In The Coming Post-Christian Tsunami we begin by defining the problem and underlying causes.  Then we lay out six core components of churches that successfully engage an increasingly unchurched culture, insights gleaned from our 13+ years of fruitful church planting and ministry experience in secular Europe.

The Coming Post-Christian Tsunami is not designed to be a church growth formula or to promote a particular church model.  Any church of any size, theological background or model will benefit from the principles we’ve discovered.  Applying any one of these six principles will add to the overall health of a church.  But the more of these components a church implements the better its chance of not just surviving, but actually thriving in a Post-Christian culture.

The goal of this book is to produce honest conversations about the future of the church, and for church leadership teams to discover how God would have their church adapt to engage the next generations of unchurched people.

Jon is available to speak to your church or your leadership team and address a wide range of topics pertaining to the book, leadership and church planting, as well as church consulting.  Please visit the contact page for more information.