In one church we visited we arrived just before the service started. Because we came at the last minute, there weren’t five seats in which our whole family could sit together. Several ushers walked hurriedly past me. I finally flagged one usher down and I asked him if he had any more chairs. He never spoke a word to me, he just kept walking. Then, a few seconds later, he reappeared holding some chairs. I was glad that we could all sit together. But instead of adding another row of chairs behind the existing rows, he put them in the very back of the church along the wall. (There was PLENTY of room to add at least another 6 rows behind the existing rows.)

During the service, the pastor spoke about the value of bringing people into kingdom and how important each person is. Almost in tears he spoke so passionately about reaching this community for Christ.

The usher didn’t know us, so he had no idea who we were. For all he knew we were an unchurched family coming to a church for the first time. My observation was that it doesn’t matter how much you speak about or how passionate you are about winning the lost or reaching your community….the actions of your staff & volunteers speak louder than your words. While the pastor conveyed a passion, the usher’s actions conveyed indifference. What if we had been those lost souls that the pastor was speaking about?

Your usher team should be trained to think like your greeters and Info Booth team do. Their goal is to make people feel truly welcome.  They are to create an inviting, orderly and safe environment. Their attitude, facial expression, tone of voice and body language will communicate a message. It’s important that they convey a positive one!