Monday… it’s a day of rest for many pastors. Because we don’t get Sundays off like everyone else, we need to choose another day. Actually, taking a day off is one of the Ten Commandments… “Remember to keep the Sabbath holy.” – Exodus 20:8.

The biblical term is “Sabbath.”  It was commanded by God so the people would take a day off to rest and enjoy, rather than just working seven days a week.  And notice that God tells us to keep it holy… He places a spiritual value on it.

A month after planting our church in Freiburg, Germany I took my first Sabbath rest in over three months.  Because of all that had to be done I just worked seven days a week.  I knew planting a church would be difficult, but I never realized just how difficult.  There were people to be contacted, calls to be made, emails to send, chairs, children’s and musical equipment to be ordered, meetings with our team, city officials and neighbors… the list could go on and on.

A Sabbath Rest for PastorsBut God really started dealing with me about the importance of taking a Sabbath, as He had commanded.  I know the importance of this – I even teach pastors about it.  But it’s difficult in the real world to take a true day of rest. (My wife says I should be actually be taking a break from writing this.) And although my first day of rest was a welcomed break, it was tough.  It seemed as if there was more to do than ever.

It all comes down to faith – faith that God will enable us to do more in the remaining six days than we could have done in seven days.  This is not easy.  But God calls us to trust Him.  And He knows what is best for us.  The Bible says that Jesus came “to give us life – more and better life than we could ever have on our own!”  If we truly believe this we’ll do what He says…

So pastors, now you have a choice… Will you obey and take a Sabbath?  Or will you keep on doing what you’ve been doing?